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Breast Implant Exchange
Newport Beach / Los Angeles
Repair or Replace Breast Implants

Over time, some women need to have adjustments made to their breasts after their augmentation procedure. Dr. Bandy is experienced in treating such patients, often referred to her from other physicians and surgeons. On occasion a saline-filled implant may leak and deflate. This can be treated with simply an implant exchange procedure. In some instances, women may need to have silicone implants removed and replaced. For the rare patient that develops severe scar tissue around their implants, the scar tissue can be removed and the implants replaced. Other issues, such as unsatisfactory implant position or size, can often be improved with revisional surgery. In most cases, the corrective procedure can be performed through the old small scar created from your original augmentation procedure. If you have had breast augmentation, but now have problems or don't like your look, then a revisionary procedure may be the solution to give you the look you desire.

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Newport Beach Breast Implant Exchange Repair / Replace Breast Implants Dr. Amy Bandy - Plastic Surgeon

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